Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Ordsall Allotments Society

The next meeting of the Ordsall Community Allotment Society will be held at Ordsall Community Cafe at 10am on Thursday 22nd January, all are welcome.

Sylvia Sharples,
Treasurer of Ordsall Community Allotment Society

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Salford Star Awards

On Friday 16th January 2009 at The Studio in the Lowry /theatre, Janet Kent was awarded the "Community Initiatives and Enterprise Star" at Salix Homes' first Salford Star Awards ceremony.

The event was hosted by Salix Homes and sponsored and funded by Jackson Lloyd, Apollo, Aon, Forrest, Bramall Construction and Seddon. It was a very glitzy 'Oscar' type occasion, attended by some 200 people, including personnel from Salx Homes, The Mayor, Councillors, nominees, nominators and people from all walks of life throughout Salford.

The evening commenced with cocktails in the reception area, then we took our places at our allocated tables - ours happened to be No. 13!!!!!!! - and the evening began with the usual welcome speech. The first award was for the "Community Initiatives and Enterprise Star", and there were gasps of delight - and tears - when the envelope was opened and Janet Kent was pronounced the winner. The MC read out the details of her involvement in the community and all the work she has done as a volunteer for Kidz Wid Dreams, our Theme Day and her commitment to The New Barracks TMO. The photographer from The Advertiser took many photographs which will no doubt appear in various publications throughout the year.

She was presented with her 'Oscar', beautiful flowers, the certificate and cinema tickets by the sponsor Apollo.

After most of the presentations had been made, dinner was served, followed by dancing and a team of magicians performing table magic, amazing our table with their dexterity with a pack of cards. One of the guests on our table produced a mouth organ and serenaded us with various renditions. A good time was had by all.

There are so many people in their communities who go that extra mile to keep a sense of belonging and a pride in their neighbourhood. Too many times there is bad press regarding certain areas, but the good things that the silent majority work hard at go unnoticed and unreported. Let's hope these proposed annual awards, encourage better publicity for the effort people make in their communities.

Well done to Janet and I hope the Kidz Wid Dreams group she helps with goes from strength to strength.

There is always an opportunity for others to become involved in all the New Barracks various committees and projects, and if everyone did their little bit, be it only for an hour or so now and again, the workload would be spread more evenly. Everyone has something that they are good at.

I would think this last paragraph applies to all the areas throughout Salford. Just give a bit back to your communities - it's well worth the effort!!

Sylvia Sharples
Community Reporter

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Panto at Salford Arts Theatre

Christmas Cat and the Pudding Pirates
We went to see this on a very cold night when Man United were playing, so we were part of a very select audience. It was lovely and warm in the theatre and we settled down to a night of fun and entertainment. However we were hoarse when we came out from shouting so many “behind yous” and various other instructions that the cast asked us to bellow. We thought we were very good.
It was a traditional panto with a dame and a villain and a very lively cat, but the story was different, which made it interesting. Although I did guess the end.
The acting and singing was excellent and there was a lot of running round and perilous getting on and off the boat. I was worried that the evil pirate may have to have treatment for his bruises. The local young people playing the pirates were part of the youth theatre and looked like they had been doing it all their lives. The mermaid with a broad Lancashire accent was hilarious and cracked loads of fishy jokes which you had to be quick to catch!!!
I would have liked a sing a long but I suppose that was just me. The audience were full of praise as they left . I think we all had a good time.
Box office 0161 925 0111 open Tues 9.30 -7 Sat 10-3
from Monday 8th December till Monday 22nd December Matinee 1.30 Evening 7.30 e-mail info@salfordartstheatre.co.uk

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Review of Salford Arts Theatre production

We spent a memorable evening at Salford Arts Theatre last Friday evening .We were watching the play "Watch her now, An evening with Charlotte Bronte". It was a one woman show,acted brilliantly by Prudence Edwards . The audience left the theatre saying "How did she remember all the words?"
The poetry and prose described Charlotte Brontes life and included parts of her book Jane Eyre. I was amazed how one woman could convey so easily so many strong emotions. Having visited Howarth , the home of The Brontes, I thought I knew about their lives but was surprised by her story.
The theatre was very atmospheric and the silence often said more than the words. The language was of the time and some of the words used in those days caused a giggle or two, however it was a very interesting hour and a bit.
Roni and Scott have taken on the running of Salford Arts Theatre last year and the audiences have been building up.
The next performance is the pantomime, 'Christmas Cat and the Pudding Pirates' on from Monday 8th December till Monday 22nd December, Matinee 1.30 Evening 7.30
Box office 0161 925 0111 open Tues 9.30 -7 Sat 10-3
e-mail info@salfordartstheatre.co.uk
Very reasonable prices for excellent productions.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Ordsall Community Allotment Society.

The next meeting of the above Society is on Tuesday 25th November at 10am at Ordsall Community Cafe. If you are a member or want to become a member please come along on Tuesday to our meeting. All are welcome.

Our local councillor Mr. Ray Machiter will be in attendance to support our community led action to procure land suitable for our purpose.

Sylvia Sharples
Community Reporter & Treasurer of Ordsall Allotment Society

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I have just recently returned from a week's holiday in Weston-super-Mare with my husband/ We stayed at the old Pontins Holiday camp, which took me right back to the 50's when, with my family as a child, we went to Butlins, Pwhelli in Wales and it rained every day.

The first weekend was a reunion for the veterans, (one of whom is my husband) who served on Christmas Island in the Pacific during the British Nuclear Testing in the 50's/60s - many did not survive beyond 50 yrs old, and those who have survived suffer from various diseases, associated with cancer. I was told out of the thousands who were there only 2000 are left.

The Association has been fighting for compensation from the British Government who refuse to acknowledge that there is a link to cancer from the 'experiment' - surprised? The New Zealand and Australian Governments have compensated those who were there or their relatives. I saw a very potent film made by the New Zealand broadcasting corporation, a documentary showing there is certain proof that genetic damage had occurred.

I wonder how many will be at the next re-union which is in 2 years time? The association has had certain funding to enable their claim to go through the courts which has taken many years, but the next insult is that the funding for this is about to be withdrawn!!

I attach a photo of our chalet which I had paid extra for. Don't know what the standard chalets were like!!
Sylvia Sharples
Community Reporter